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Open Eye Figure Theatre

506 East 24th Street
Minneapolis, MN

Introduction to Marionette Construction

Kurt Hunter

April 21 - May 26, 2015
Tuesdays 6:00pm-9:00pm

Each participant will design and construct a basic, nine string marionette. The primary materials will be wood and paper mache. The workshop will cover various types of jointing, weight distribution, control design and stringing. Costuming will be discussed, but construction of costumes will not be a part of the workshop. Basic manipulation will also be covered. Experience with wood working power tools is helpful, but not required. No previous experience assumed or necessary.

Eugene O'Neill Theater Center

Photo: Richard Termine

2015 National Puppetry Conference - Accepting Applications

Eugene O'Neill Theater Center

June 3 - 14, 2015
Pre-Conference Intensives June 3-5

Main Conference June 6-14

Deadline to Apply: March 6, 2015
see website for details

Each summer, puppet artists have the opportunity to explore various performance styles through rehearsals and workshops on puppet theater performance & creation, writing, music, "puppet anarchy," marionettes, and more. The Conference culminates with two public performances, featuring new works which explore the extraordinary range and power of the puppet.

2015 Guest artists include:

Hugo & Ines
Ronnie Burkett
Jim Kroupa
Phillip Huber
Jim Rose
Tim Lagasse
Martin P. Robinon
Melissa Dunphy
Martin Kettling
Alice Therese Gottschalk
Richard Termine
Roger Danforth
Derron Wood

Ripley Grier Studio

Introduction to Puppetry for TV Workshop

Brooklyn Puppet Conspiracy

June 9, 2015
7pm - 10pm

This workshop covers the basics of mouth & rod style puppetry – Eye focus, Mouth Synchronization, Rod Manipulation, Basic Stance and Walks etc. – and how to perform them using a camera and monitor.

Students will receive a set of our practice eyes that is theirs to keep and video of highlights from the evening.

No previous puppetry experience is required. All students must sign up in advance.

Puppets will be provided so you don’t need to bring anything but your smiling’ self! (and maybe a notebook)

Gilfry Studio

Character Voice for Puppetry and Voiceover

Brooklyn Puppet Conspiracy

June 13, 2015
12pm - 3pm

In this workshop we are going to put down the puppets, turn off the camera and sit around the microphone talking funny all night!

Yep… That’s the workshop. It’s ALL about getting our characters to sound just like we (and our clients and directors) want ’em to!

We’re going to talk about how to strengthen and take care of your voice. We are going to show you how to reach high for those top end voices and how to dig deep and bring up the bass. We are going to do some damn silly imitations, and we may even watch some cartoons (of course we’re gonna to watch some cartoons). Sound like fun? ‘Gonna be fun.

Write to to sign up.

Art/New York South Oxford Space Lone Wolf Tribe Studio

138 South Oxford Street,
Brooklyn, New York, NY 11217

Puppet Sculpting Workshop

Lone Wolf Tribe

June 28, 2015

Tap into your creative potential and learn to sculpt your very own foam-rubber puppet! Limitless character possibilities await you in our fun, hands-on carving workshop at the Lone Wolf Tribe studio in Brooklyn (right around the corner from BAM).

Inspired by a sketch or photograph, participants learn the art of transforming a 2D visual into a fantastic three-dimensional puppet under the expert guidance of LWT artistic director, Kevin Augustine.

No prior sculpting experience is necessary! All materials included!

Space is limited. Sign up today!
Pay by credit card:

Puppetry in Practice Center

2900 Bedford Avenue
James Hall, Rm 0712
Brooklyn, NY

Puppetry in Practice Summer Institute: The Power of Arts-Infused Learning

Puppetry in Practice

July 6 - 17, 2015
FIVE half-day workshops at $600, plus $50 towards ticket price

Puppetry in Practice Certificate
Puppetry & Arts Skills Immersion: The Power of Arts-Infused Learning
Join us in July for an arts immersion you’ll never forget. Work with masters and other specialists to create puppetry and animation, infuse theater techniques in classroom and explore imaginative ways to enhance literacy for students of all ages. Discover how bringing stories to life through various art forms can actually speed English Language Learning, enhance cultural studies and address the needs of all students, including Special Education populations. Meet and work with the core staff at Puppetry in Practice (PiP), a nationally regarded independent, not-for-profit arts-in-education center housed at Brooklyn College.

Work side-by-side with PiP artists, as they share their favorite techniques—and go home with a completely augmented set of classrooms skills as well as your own puppet theater creation. An acclaimed organization for more than 30 years, the award-winning Puppetry in Practice works in more than 20 New York City public schools, as well as with the faculty and students of the Childhood Bilingual and Special Education Department of Brooklyn College.

Choose either two weeks of puppetry, two weeks of theater arts, or one week of each.


(Also available as one-week courses, with no certificate.)

Program Highlights
• Learn cutting-edge techniques from highly regarded real-world artists
• Engage in a comprehensive immersion in imagination, creativity and discovery
• Re-energize and re-imagine classroom learning
• Celebrate cultural diversity, language arts and social studies
• Gather immediately applicable tools for dynamic classroom teaching
• Get beyond theory and learn through and with the arts
• Maximize your strengths through this AFFORDABLE arts immersion

The Power of Puppet Play and Play-Making: The Best of Both Boroughs

Curriculum Overview


Week One (July 6 - July 10, 2015)
9:30 am to 12:30 pm
A five-day puppet-making exploration with the Puppetry in Practice staff. Leave with your very own Toy Theater and lots of ways to create puppets and stages for the classroom using only paper, cardboard and your imagination. Develop engaging ways to integrate puppetry arts into the curriculum. Work with a variety of materials to create puppet characters using recycled materials. Explore ways to create shadow puppet stages and puppets, as well as simple hand-and-rod puppets. Work with stories that provide ways to integrate English language skills into the performance process.

Week Two (July 13 - July 17, 2015)
9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Bring 21st century learning and time-honored traditions together by introducing technology into the puppet-making process. Using children’s stories, students have the opportunity to take paper-based puppet-making techniques and interpret them through the process of contemporary stop-motion animation. Work side-by-side by with artists to discover new media technologies that are creating excitement within public schools.

Brooklyn Program Cost:
Each WEEK consists of FIVE half-day workshops at $600, plus $50 materials fee


Week One (July 6 - July 10, 2015)
9:30 am to 12:30 pm
A five-day, skills-based arts immersion in using real-world theater techniques to enhance classroom learning. Working with a longtime theater professional, make your classroom techniques and learning environment more exciting. Improvisation, theater games and performance techniques can help make you the teacher you’ve always wanted to be. These very same techniques enhance English Language learning skills for ELL, Special Ed and Bilingual students. Increase your teaching techniques and the language arts skills of all student populations in one comprehensive classroom weeklong.

Week Two (July 13 - July 17, 2015)
9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Explore culturally based children’s literature and adapt a folktale into an exciting and entertaining theater piece. Find out how theater and play can have immediate impact on literacy and language learning. These classroom-tested techniques are gaining momentum and excitement throughout the public schools. Find out just how fun learning can be.
* Course may include seeing a Broadway or Off-Broadway show, with an added bonus of a backstage tour. (Subject to availability and may be modified based on enrollment.)

The Contemporary Artists Center, Woodside

71 Old Mill Street
Troy, NY

David Lane

New England Puppet Intensive

The Old Trout Puppet Workshop

July 31 - August 16, 2015
Performance at MASS MoCA, TBA
Tuition: Register before May 1: $1750. Register after May 1: $1850. Includes workshop, materials, shared accommodation and on-campus meals.

Join us for 15 days of vigorous training in the creative art of puppetry and animated object performance presented by members of The Old Trout Puppet Workshop. Instruction focuses on physical awareness, character development, ensemble building & puppet design. In addition, participants will work toward the development of original material presented at the end of the workshop at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA).

The New England Puppet Intensive aims to create an environment which fosters colloquy, experimentation, and collaborative development—framework which we believe promotes truly inspired work. Sessions start at 9am and go well into the evening. The fields and facilities at The Contemporary Artist Center allow us to work indoors and outdoors, bringing our creative laboratory into the natural surroundings of this hillside playground. Several blocks of time will be designated as "time-off/artist-dates" when participants may choose to explore some of the surrounding arts and culture venues in the area including Mass MoCA, The Clark, Tanglewood, Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) at RPI, and the Willimington Flea Market. 

The New England Puppet Intensive is open to puppeteers, actors, dancers, directors, designers, teachers, visual artists, writers, and anyone with a willing spirit.

Ko Festival of Performance

Amherst College Campus - Webster Hall
Amherst, MA

Image-Object-Puppet: Creating a Poetic Theater

with John Farrell, Artistic Director of Figures of Speech Theatre

August 3 - 8, 2015
Workshops will meet from 10 am – 4 pm, Monday through Saturday
see website for details

Participants will explore various forms of puppetry as they discover what it means to embody metaphor in performance. Participants will begin working with basic materials, then proceed to objects, and finally construct their own bunraku style puppets.

After learning the basic principles of animation, participants will work in small groups to devise increasingly ambitious and complex gestural “scripts” as they explore thematic arcs such as Life/Death/Resurrection. Throughout the workshop, John will interweave poetry with the puppetry, encouraging participants to play with the relationship between the literary and visual metaphors inherent in these two forms.

Center for Puppetry Arts, Online Classes

Distance Learning, The Center for Puppetry Arts

Center for Puppetry Arts

online - anytime
-see website for details-

The Center for Puppetry Arts uses the latest technology to offer nationwide Distance Learning programs for PreK-adult through videoconferencing, webinars, and streamed content. Arts-infused workshops are conducted via videoconferencing and are tailored to specific classroom topics and curriculum for K-12 groups. For K-5, hands-on puppet building integrates with science, social studies, language arts and other disciplines to create a dynamic, interactive virtual classroom for a virtual field trip experience. Middle School/High School programs are discussion based. Programs complement national curriculum standards in language arts, social studies, science, math and other areas. The Center provides a comprehensive study guide and materials list for most programs.

Webinars (both live and streamed) and streamed workshops and lectures are available for teachers seeking demos and professional development (also available via videoconferencing). Streamed workshops are also ideal for anyone interested in learning about puppetry.

The Distance Learning Team @ Center for Puppetry Arts

Puppet School

Los Angeles, CA

Ongoing Puppeteering and Puppet Building Classes in NY, LA, & San Francisco

Puppet School

See website for details
see website for details

Puppet School offers a variety of classes to expand your puppetry. We offer puppeteering classes and private lessons in TV Puppetry, Musical Theatre Puppetry in the Avenue Q-style, marionette, and more. For builders, we teach everything from simple designs to get you started, to advanced techniques that will have you building at a professional level. See our website for individual classes and availability.

Puppetry in NYC title image is from Project B - 3 Works, photo by Jane Stein.