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The Contemporary Artists Center, Woodside

71 Old Mill Street
Troy, NY

David Lane

New England Puppet Intensive

The Old Trout Puppet Workshop

July 31 - August 16, 2015
Performance at MASS MoCA, TBA
Tuition: Register before May 1: $1750. Register after May 1: $1850. Includes workshop, materials, shared accommodation and on-campus meals.

Join us for 15 days of vigorous training in the creative art of puppetry and animated object performance presented by members of The Old Trout Puppet Workshop. Instruction focuses on physical awareness, character development, ensemble building & puppet design. In addition, participants will work toward the development of original material presented at the end of the workshop at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA).

The New England Puppet Intensive aims to create an environment which fosters colloquy, experimentation, and collaborative development—framework which we believe promotes truly inspired work. Sessions start at 9am and go well into the evening. The fields and facilities at The Contemporary Artist Center allow us to work indoors and outdoors, bringing our creative laboratory into the natural surroundings of this hillside playground. Several blocks of time will be designated as "time-off/artist-dates" when participants may choose to explore some of the surrounding arts and culture venues in the area including Mass MoCA, The Clark, Tanglewood, Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) at RPI, and the Willimington Flea Market. 

The New England Puppet Intensive is open to puppeteers, actors, dancers, directors, designers, teachers, visual artists, writers, and anyone with a willing spirit.

Ko Festival of Performance

Amherst College Campus - Webster Hall
Amherst, MA

Image-Object-Puppet: Creating a Poetic Theater

with John Farrell, Artistic Director of Figures of Speech Theatre

August 3 - 8, 2015
Workshops will meet from 10 am – 4 pm, Monday through Saturday
see website for details

Participants will explore various forms of puppetry as they discover what it means to embody metaphor in performance. Participants will begin working with basic materials, then proceed to objects, and finally construct their own bunraku style puppets.

After learning the basic principles of animation, participants will work in small groups to devise increasingly ambitious and complex gestural “scripts” as they explore thematic arcs such as Life/Death/Resurrection. Throughout the workshop, John will interweave poetry with the puppetry, encouraging participants to play with the relationship between the literary and visual metaphors inherent in these two forms.

Puppet Showplace Theater

32 Station Street
Brookline, Massachusetts
6177316400 ext.101

Puppet Showplace Theater

Glove Puppet Boot Camp at Puppet Showplace

Puppet Showplace Theater

August 3 - 7, 2015
Mon-Fri, August 3-7, 6:30 - 8:30 pm (5 sessions)
Mon-Fri, August 3-7, 6:30 - 8:30 pm (5 sessions) Register by July 10, $195. After July 10, $225. Puppets at Night Members save 15% on registration!

Glove puppetry (also known as hand puppetry) is one of the world's oldest and most versatile theatrical traditions. From Punch and Judy to the gentle characters of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, glove puppets can express an enormous range of character and emotion without ever blinking an eye.

In this fun and rigorous class, participants will learn the fundamentals of glove puppet manipulation from a professional puppeteer. Using "nobody" practice puppets, the class will progress from learning basic movements and simple behaviors to performing complex multi-character scenes. Students will graduate with an extensive movement vocabulary, as well as all the skills needed to create an endless variety of characters and stories. We'll also cover technical challenges such as handling puppet props, making rapid puppet switches, and working behind a traditional booth stage.

This class is recommended for both beginners and experienced performers. We recommend it for anyone interested in creating solo puppet shows, or for those interested in refining their manipulation technique. Participants will also gain exposure to Puppet Showplace Theater's unique archive of professional glove puppets.

Whether you're a seasoned performer or just looking for a way to enliven story time, this boot camp will leave your hands ready for action!

Recommended for ages 16+/ Class Capacity: 12

Free housing may be available for participants traveling from out of state. Contact for more information.

Puppet Showplace Theater

32 Station Street
Brookline, Massachusetts
617.731.6400 ext.101

Puppet Showplace Theater

Furry Monsters 101 at Puppet Showplace

Puppet Showplace Theater

August 17 - 21, 2015
Mon-Fri, August 17-21, 6:30-8:30 pm (5 sessions)
Register by August 1: $195, After August 1: $225 Members save 15% on registration!

This class will focus on the proper manipulation of mouth and rod puppets, inspired by the "furry monster" characters featured on Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, and Avenue Q. After learning the basics of puppet animation (breathing, lip-synch, focus, and body position), participants will cover character interpretation, rhythm and timing, storytelling, puppet-assisting, prop handling, comedy improv, television monitor technique, and puppet/actor interactions. This is an ideal class for actors, comedians, die-hard Muppet fans, or anyone interested in learning puppetry performance skills.

Free housing may be available for participants traveling from out of state. Contact for more information.

Recommended for ages 16+.
Class capacity:12.

Puppet Showplace Theater

32 Station Street
Brookline, Massachusetts
617.731.6400 ext.101

Puppet Showplace Theater

Puppetry Building and Performance Camp at Puppet Showplace

Puppet Showplace Theater

August 17 - 28, 2015
Week 1: August 17 – August 21
Week 2: August 24 – August 28 Day: M-F
Time: 8:30AM – 4:00PM
Cost: $400 for one week or $750 for both weeks. NO REFUNDS after July 15th

Puppetry is exercise for your imagination! Join Puppet Showplace Theater's team of professional puppeteers for a week of creative building and performance activities. Kids will learn how to design, construct, and manipulate puppet characters, focusing on different styles of puppetry each week. Campers will work together to devise, rehearse, and present original performances. Along the way, kids will also learn theater and design skills such as voice acting, backstage etiquette, and the different applications of color and texture. In addition to puppetry activities, campers will enjoy fun recreational games and outings each day, including trips to the swimming pool and to Lars Andersen park.

Ripley Grier Studios

Puppetry for TV - Level 1 -Fall Session 2015

Brooklyn Puppet Conspiracy

September 15 - November 3, 2015
7 - 10 PM

8 Tuesday Nights
Class size: 10-12 students

Everyone who participates will be provided with “practice eyes” and a hand made, professional-style practice puppet that are theirs to keep! Check them out on our website!

This is a beginner level class. No previous puppetry experience is required.

In this course we will be covering:
• Basic puppetry skills including stance, eye focus, mouth sync, walks, and rod manipulation.
• Working with scripts
• Improvised scenes
• Working with the monitor
• Working with human actors
• Character building
• Vocal Characterization

**If you are considering taking this course you want to be sure you will have some time for practicing at home throughout the week. The learning comes from the class but the skill comes from the practicing!

Center for Puppetry Arts, Online Classes

Distance Learning, The Center for Puppetry Arts

Center for Puppetry Arts

online - anytime
-see website for details-

The Center for Puppetry Arts uses the latest technology to offer nationwide Distance Learning programs for PreK-adult through videoconferencing, webinars, and streamed content. Arts-infused workshops are conducted via videoconferencing and are tailored to specific classroom topics and curriculum for K-12 groups. For K-5, hands-on puppet building integrates with science, social studies, language arts and other disciplines to create a dynamic, interactive virtual classroom for a virtual field trip experience. Middle School/High School programs are discussion based. Programs complement national curriculum standards in language arts, social studies, science, math and other areas. The Center provides a comprehensive study guide and materials list for most programs.

Webinars (both live and streamed) and streamed workshops and lectures are available for teachers seeking demos and professional development (also available via videoconferencing). Streamed workshops are also ideal for anyone interested in learning about puppetry.

The Distance Learning Team @ Center for Puppetry Arts

Puppet School

Los Angeles, CA

Ongoing Puppeteering and Puppet Building Classes in NY, LA, & San Francisco

Puppet School

See website for details
see website for details

Puppet School offers a variety of classes to expand your puppetry. We offer puppeteering classes and private lessons in TV Puppetry, Musical Theatre Puppetry in the Avenue Q-style, marionette, and more. For builders, we teach everything from simple designs to get you started, to advanced techniques that will have you building at a professional level. See our website for individual classes and availability.

Puppetry in NYC title image is from Project B - 3 Works, photo by Jane Stein.