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Puppets in Prague worskhop

Holandska 20
Prague 100 00
Czech Republic
Prague, --
Puppets in Prague worskhops

Mirek Trejtnar

Puppets in Prague 2017 Worskhops

Puppets in Prague

February 27 - October 19, 2017
see website for details
Varies depending on workshop

For 17 years we have brought hundreds of puppeteers from around the world into the magical world of Czech puppetry. We teach how to carve traditional Czech marionettes, how to make film animation puppets, plus marionette performance and manipulaton. Just last month, UNESCO recognized the rich tradition of Czech puppetry by declaring it a world heritage. Work with some of the leading masters at Puppets in Prague! This year you can learn how to make specialty SKELETON MARIONETTES and ACROBATIC DANCERS - four puppets on one controller.

Skeleton Dancing- 27 February - 8 March
Puppets for Film Animation- 26 April - 9 May
Marionette Carving - 12-27 June
Carving and Performance- 8 August - 3 September
Four Dancers Marionette - 9 - 19 October

Best of luck to all of you and hope to see you in Prague soon!
Leah and Mirek

Toronto School of Puppetry


June 19 - 30, 2017
Week One or Two: $600 Both Weeks: $1000

Learn to create powerful theatre through the art of puppetry this June! Our puppetry intensive is for theatre creators of all kinds, and promises to understanding of puppetry as a theatre form, and to integrate this understanding into the practice of visual performance.
Overview workshops in the first week will explore elements of set and puppet design and construction, scripting techniques, and manipulation of puppets, as well as sound and voice. Participants will discover how to imbue puppets and objects with the semblance of thought, emotion and life – how to make the puppet appear to think, feel and act as a living being.

Production workshop in the second week will focus on the development of a short piece for performance in an overview of the creation process. Participants will take part in the full gamut of activities required to go from page to stage as they immerse themselves in the ensemble’s conception, fabrication, and innovation. We will discover effective forms of communication, and develop the critical eye through performance analysis and peer feedback.

Participants can enroll for the whole two week course, or choose to take only week one. If you are interested in only week two, please send us information of your previous relevant theatre experience.

Buxton School

291 South Street
Williamtown, MA

New England Puppet Intensive -- Design and Construction Edition

Dave Lane (Old Trout Puppet Workshop) & Marie-Êve Cormier

June 28 - July 9, 2017
Arrive between 3 and 4 pm on Wednesday, June 28th.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate studio experience! For 10 days, we’ll engage in a unique design laboratory with a fully stocked puppet-making studio set against the backdrop of the beautiful Massachusetts Berkshires.

At the core of our work is a concern for expressiveness and character. We will dispel with the impulse to build puppets by classification and taxonomy and instead ask more fundamental questions which free the puppet designer to innovate beyond routine forms. Puppetry and mask exercises will help us more fully understand the interplay between design and performance.

Woven into the experience is a collective creation project which will be presented as part of the Berkshire Lantern Walk in partnership with the world renown Clark Art Institute.

Art/New York South Oxford Space Lone Wolf Tribe Studio

138 South Oxford Street, Studio A
Brooklyn, NY

Puppet Sculpting Workshop

Lone Wolf Tribe

July 8, 2017
11:00am - 2:30pm

Tap into your creative potential by learning to sculpt your very own puppet! Limitless possibilities await you in this fun, hands-on carving workshop.

Working from a sketch or photograph, you'll transform a 2D visual into a fantastic three-dimensional character using LWT's “subtractive-sculpting” techniques, led by artistic director, Kevin Augustine.

"In the church of puppet artistry, Augustine is divine."

No prior sculpting experience is necessary! All materials included!

Space is limited. Sign up today!

The Puppet Kitchen

220 E 4th Street
Between Avenues A and B
New York, NY
Rod Arm Monster Making Class at Puppet Kitchen Productions

Rod Arm Monster Making Puppet Workshop

Puppet Kitchen Productions, Inc

July 8 - 29, 2017
Three Saturday Sessions
7/8, 7/22, 7/29

Class #1: "Get a Head"
Duration: 11am-4pm
Puppet head design and construction
Foam cutting and gluing techniques
Mouthplate fabrication

Class #2: "Body Building"
Duration: 11am-4pm
Bag body patterning and arm rod construction
Hand and machine sewing

Class #3: "Our Feature(s) Presentation"
Duration: 11am-4pm
Puppet character design
Eye, nose, and hair design and construction

Have you ever wanted to make your own professional puppet from scratch? Do you need your own rod arm practice puppet, or just want to learn more about puppet making in general?

Well, come on down to the Puppet Kitchen for our Monster Making Master Class!

In this three part series, Puppet Kitchen Chef Michael Schupbach, will show you how to design and construct your very own “rod arm” lip synch style puppet entirely from scratch. Each class will cover a specific area of puppet design and construction.

No prior puppet making experience is needed. All materials will be provided.

Ages: 16 and up
Participants under the age of 18 must have a chaperone.

This workshop has a $40 non-refundable Materials Fee.


Ripley Grier Studios

520 8th Ave. 16th Floor
New York, NY

Puppetry For TV, Film and Video - 8 Week Level 1 Class

Brooklyn Puppet Conspiracy

July 13 - August 31, 2017
7 - 10 pm (with a mid-class break)

This is a beginner level class. No previous puppetry experience is required.
EVERYONE who participates will be provided with “practice eyes” and a hand made, professional-style practice PUPPET that are theirs TO KEEP! (Check them out at ttps://

In this course we will be covering:
• Basic puppetry skills including stance, eye focus, mouth sync, walks, and rod manipulation
• Working with the monitor
• Improvised scenes
• Working with human actors
• Character building
• Vocal Characterization
• Choreography

To sign up, or for more info write to

A field in the woods on Vashon Island (just a ferry ride away from Seattle)

Our field in the deep deep woods
Vashon Island, WA
For more info or any questions please contact Adam Ende at 347-455-5558.
Giant monster theater!

Islewilde arts and performance festival 2017


July 22 - August 14, 2017
The big show is on Saturday, August 12, 7pm

The schedule for building the shows is 3 weeks--Friday, July 21-Friday, August 11, leading up to the final show on Saturday, August 12. It's ideal for you to come for the whole time, but if you can't commit to the full 3 weeks, don't let that keep you away--I would recommend, though, that whenever you arrive, you stay through the final show on August 12.

You are invited to join us for a free residency, that culminates in a large scale immersive performance. An open creative play space in an idyllic field in the woods on an island in the Pacific Northwest. A small gathering of artists from around the country and around the word. A chance to live and work together in a non-hierarchical environment. We will share meals, skills, shows, stories, ideas, make connections, and finally create new works together, performances and installations in the field. While this is very much about the process of living in a temporary intentional creative community, and working hard together for the joy of creation and cohabitation, it is also about our sacred responsibility to create an amazing and magical art and theater experience for a small and lucky public. The goal is to transform the field into a magical wonderland, and take the audience on a journey of the imagination.

The creative challenge for the participating artists this year will be to form five teams, which will each, over the space of 3 weeks, create there own creative sculptural theater space, costumes, puppets, masks, scripts, and performances of any and all kinds. When the audience arrives on the final day, they will be split into 5 equal groups and led by a representative character from each team to their own theater. So 5 groups of audience will each be watching a different show at the same time. At the end of the show, a gong will sound, and the audiences will move with their group to the next theater space, and watch the next show. The audience will all see 5 shows but in different orders, and the performers will all perform their piece 5 times. At the end of the fifth show, the audience will be gathered to the center for one final big group performance and culmination tying it all together. This should be a mind blowing theater experience for the audience, and the challenge for the participating artists will be to create a show that is somehow cohesive and entertaining, regardless of what order it is watched in. We have created this structure for the event, but what goes into it in terms of content and aesthetic will be up to the artists who land in the field.

Sandglass Theater

17 Kimball Hill
Putney, VT

Puppet Arts Training Summer Intensive

Sandglass Theater

August 7 - 19, 2017
Classes during the intensive will be scheduled for five and a half days per week.
$1400 not including meals and housing

Two weeks of full immersion into the art and soul of puppet theater. The intensive is offered to anyone who is seeking to expand and deepen their skill and understanding of the puppet.

Led by Sandglass Theater's artistic directors, Eric Bass and Ines Zeller Bass who have developed this training method for over 30 years.

Institut International de la Marionnette

7 Place Winston Churchill
08000 Charleville-Mezieres, FRANCE, --
+33 (0)3 24 33 72 50

Techniques and imaginings of the Sudanese wayang golek

Institut International de la Marionnette

August 22 - September 8, 2017
1250 euros (individual payment) 1800 euros (AFDAS or other support)

The objective of this workshop is to provide an introduction to and familiarisation with the techniques and rich imaginings issuing from the grand puppet tradition that represents the Sudanese wayang golek, a form native to the western part of the island of Java where it is extremely popular today.

It will be a matter of getting immersed in a complex form based on collective creation, through both the mastery of a variety of techniques and improvisation. The workshop will be led by puppeteer Dadan Sunandar Sunarya, accompanied by a wayang builder and three musicians.

Interpreting: Sarah Anaïs Andrieu
Number of participants: 16
Suitable for: puppeteers, puppets builders, actors
Workshop languages: French, English, Sundanese

Application Deadline: May 22, 2017

Center for Puppetry Arts, Online Classes

Distance Learning, The Center for Puppetry Arts

Center for Puppetry Arts

online - anytime
-see website for details-

The Center for Puppetry Arts uses the latest technology to offer nationwide Distance Learning programs for PreK-adult through videoconferencing, webinars, and streamed content. Arts-infused workshops are conducted via videoconferencing and are tailored to specific classroom topics and curriculum for K-12 groups. For K-5, hands-on puppet building integrates with science, social studies, language arts and other disciplines to create a dynamic, interactive virtual classroom for a virtual field trip experience. Middle School/High School programs are discussion based. Programs complement national curriculum standards in language arts, social studies, science, math and other areas. The Center provides a comprehensive study guide and materials list for most programs.

Webinars (both live and streamed) and streamed workshops and lectures are available for teachers seeking demos and professional development (also available via videoconferencing). Streamed workshops are also ideal for anyone interested in learning about puppetry.

The Distance Learning Team @ Center for Puppetry Arts

Puppetry in NYC title image is from Project B - 3 Works, photo by Jane Stein.