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The Puppet Kitchen

220 E 4th Street
New York, NY

Monitor Nights at The Puppet Kitchen

The Puppet Kitchen

November 1, 2016
The first Tuesday of every month.
The price for the whole evening is $15. Puppets are provided but please feel free to bring your own.

Monitor Nights at the Puppet Kitchen are a great way to brush up on your video puppetry skills. On the first Tuesday of every month Chef Michael opens up the Puppet Kitchen's East Village studio to puppeteers of all skill levels and offers instruction and a safe place to learn this style of puppetry.

Our Beginner Session (6pm-7pm) is open to those 15 years old & up interested in learning the basics of video puppetry performance. We will cover eye-focus, lip synch, and movement.

Our Advanced Jam Session (7pm-8:30pm) is open to those with some video puppetry experience. The session is available to those looking for a chance to practice their skills and perform in a group setting.

The Puppet Kitchen

220 E 4th Street, btwn Avenues A & B
New York, NY

Collaborative Characters Master Class: an Introduction to Ensemble Manipulation

Eric Wright of Puppet Kitchen Productions, Inc.

November 5 - 6, 2016

Are you looking to enhance your puppetry performance skills? Are you interested in gaining experience working with an ensemble? Puppet Kitchen Productions is excited to announce its upcoming Collaborative Characters Master Class: an Introduction to Ensemble Manipulation

The class will be taught by Puppet Kitchen Chef, Eric Wright, and is based on training Mr. Wright received from puppet artist Dan Hurlin at Sarah Lawrence College. No previous experience required.

This Master Class will be taught in two parts:

Part 1: “Puppet Creation” Saturday, Nov, 5th 2pm-6pm
Begin creating your Bunraku characters in groups of three using the crumpled paper technique. Discover how shape and form strongly influence movement and character.

Part 2: “Storytelling & Performance” Sunday, Nov. 6th 2pm-6pm
Begin bringing life to your puppets in the Bunraku 3-puppeteer style, learning how to complete a variety of physical feats. The class will culminate in a sharing of short, non-verbal scenes developed by each trio.

Ripley Grier Studios

Intro to TV Puppetry Workshop

Brooklyn Puppet Conspiracy

November 5, 2016
Noon - 3PM

This workshop covers the basics of mouth & rod style puppetry – Eye focus, Mouth Synchronization, Rod Manipulation, Basic Stance and Walks etc. – and how to perform them using a camera and monitor


Class size: 10 students

Students will receive a set of our practice eyes that is theirs to keep and video of highlights from the afternoon.

All students must be 16, and must sign up in advance.

Puppets will be provided so you don’t need to bring anything but your smiling’ self!

To sign up Write to

Ripley Grier Studios

Puppetry for TV – INTERMEDIATE Workshop

Brooklyn Puppet Conspiracy

November 12, 2016
Noon - 3pm

Ready to take it to the next level?

In this workshop we’re going to work on our overall puppet technique, monitor skills, group scene work, we ‘ll bush up on character work and vocal characterization and we’re even going to do some dance choreography.

Come to learn something new or just brush up on your skills!

Class Size: 10 students.

You do not have to have taken one of our workshops or 8 week classes to take this one. If you have attended Beyond the Sock or any similar workshop/training session, including those with Sesame Workshop you qualify for this one. Others, be prepared to submit a short video to show what you can do.

To sign up write to


33-02 Skillman Ave (Enter on 34th Street), Long Island City, Queens (20 minutes from Times Square)
New York, NY

Contemporary Puppetry in Practice

Movement Theater Studio, NYC

December 2 - 4, 2016
Workshop Times: Dec. 2, 6:30pm - 10pm; Dec. 3 & 4, 10am - 3pm

A unique three-day course in contemporary puppet manipulation with renowned War Horse puppeteer and designer Tom Lee. Using principles of traditional Japanese puppet theater as a starting point, this workshop is for puppeteers and movement based actors to study the art of bringing a figure to life through focus, breath and fixed points of intention.
In addition to Bunraku-style puppetry, participants will have an opportunity to construct a puppet head and experience how the act of sculpting a character informs its movement. Ideal for directors and performers interested in devised work and a collaborative approach to theater making this workshop is primarily for new puppeteers to gain a hands-on launch into the genre—and come away with the start of a puppet!

Center for Puppetry Arts, Online Classes

Distance Learning, The Center for Puppetry Arts

Center for Puppetry Arts

online - anytime
-see website for details-

The Center for Puppetry Arts uses the latest technology to offer nationwide Distance Learning programs for PreK-adult through videoconferencing, webinars, and streamed content. Arts-infused workshops are conducted via videoconferencing and are tailored to specific classroom topics and curriculum for K-12 groups. For K-5, hands-on puppet building integrates with science, social studies, language arts and other disciplines to create a dynamic, interactive virtual classroom for a virtual field trip experience. Middle School/High School programs are discussion based. Programs complement national curriculum standards in language arts, social studies, science, math and other areas. The Center provides a comprehensive study guide and materials list for most programs.

Webinars (both live and streamed) and streamed workshops and lectures are available for teachers seeking demos and professional development (also available via videoconferencing). Streamed workshops are also ideal for anyone interested in learning about puppetry.

The Distance Learning Team @ Center for Puppetry Arts

Puppetry in NYC title image is from Project B - 3 Works, photo by Jane Stein.